Spice for Flavor and Nutrition

An excellent way to add nutrition and variety to your diet can be obtained with spices. People have been known to say you can cut back on fat with the use of spices, this is true but I happen to be a big fan of fat. I do use spice to add flavor and dimension to my food instead of sugar.

Fat is not the enemy! Sugar is!

Often, instead of green cabbage sauerkraut with caraway seeds, I will use red cabbage, shredded carrots, and cumin seeds. It packs a huge punch of flavor and can be a side dish all on its own.

Tumeric, in my opinion, has a mild flavor and can be added to many soups, chilies, warm broths, or even honey ferments for additional health benefits. Tumeric is touted for its ability to help in the fight against cancer, it soothes inflammation, preventing and/or treating Alzheimer’s disease, and much much more. Raw turmeric is best for health benefits but adding it to your diet in any way is healthful. You can find further information on WebMD or alternative health sites such as DrWeil.com or DrAxe.com.

I love adding spice and heat to my foods. I use red chili flakes, dried chilies, and recently have fallen in love with Korean spice paste called Gochujang ( known as the spicy miso of the Korean culture). I add this paste to my ramen, deviled eggs, use as a marinade for fish and chicken, and baked egg dishes! It has a depth of flavor, slight sweetness and a bit of heat but not overwhelmingly.


Gochujang spiced deviled eggs.