My Family




It is important to me to have my family eat healthfully. It is much easier said than done. I have one child that eats everything and the other has ONLY five items he will eat. I always said I would not be the person that would sneak healthy food into the food my children eat. Well, I was wrong! I do whatever I can to get them to eat healthfully.

They love yogurt so that is an easy one. I put my homemade yogurt in smoothies and or serve it with honey.

I started when my boys were about one years old giving them a shot of sauerkraut juice in a medicine dropper. In fact, if they are constipated two or three droppers full will get things moving quickly while adding good cultures to their gut. I have found that more kids than not love salt, so they take to sauerkraut easily.

My kids also love beet kvass.  If I mix it with a bit of orange juice and put it in small glasses (shot glasses) they think it is fun and ask for more!

I also replaced soy sauce with Bragg Aminos, a natural soy sauce. They have no idea and I feel it adds a bit more to their health than most store-bought soy sauces.

I am very particular about butter. I only buy grass fed butter for the boys. They love it and eat it like cheese. It has a great amount of omega-3’s and the cows are not fed GMO grains. A reputable brand found in most grocery stores including Trader Joe’s and can be purchased in bulk at Costco is Kerrygold.

My boys do drink milk. I buy RAW organic and grass-fed milk when I can.  I cut it ( mix the two) with kefir, usually strawberry or vanilla. I am not currently making my own kefir but with the cost of kefir, I really need to start. My boys love it and it adds a layer of nutrition to their daily diet. I also need to start making my own because I can control the added sugar. I would just add blended fruit or vanilla, NOT SUGAR.

Coming soon! Recipes for cultured ketchup and cultured mustard. Making my own mayo has been complicated. It never comes together for me. However, there is a way to culture mayo as well. It might be an adventure we take together.

My husband and I are addicted to hot sauce. We have several varieties on hand at all times. This summer I fermented jalapeños, red hot peppers, garlic, and cilantro. When it was done I blended it and bottled it. Homemade hot sauce with lots of goodies for your gut.