How can I best serve you?

Nutrition Therapy Services

Nutritional therapy is a holistic and functional approach to overall health and wellness. The goal is to achieve homeostasis and optimal health through hydration, properly prepared foods, whole foods, supplements, and lifestyle changes with the highest regard to bio-individuality.

Scheduling a consultation is always the first step! You can get to know me, what I do, and I can get to know you. We can decide if we are a good fit and how to move forward. The consultation will be about 30 minutes long. We can talk via phone, computer, or in person. If I can’t help you or if we are not a great fit I have plenty of colleagues to refer you to.

Distance services include: consultation, Nutri-q comprehensive nutritional analysis questionnaire, phone or computer meetings, food journal analysis, recommended dietary changes, recommended supplements, and lifestyle changes or enhancements. Recipes and cooking tutorials by request.

In-person services include: all the above with the addition of the functional evaluation. The functional evaluation is a hands-on evaluation of your body’s complex systems and taps into your bodies innate intelligence. Lingual testing of foods and supplements is also available.

Additional Services

  • Private Chef ( dietary needs or requests always respected)
  • Grocery Store Tours
  • Pantry stocking.
  • Private cooking lessons.
  • Group Cooking lessons.
  • Children cooking lessons.
  • Fermenting lessons: sauerkraut, kimchi, vegetable ferments, fruit ferments, honey ferments, cold season remedies including fire cider, throat coat,  and garlic fermented in honey, salt water brine, or vinegar. 
  • Pickling lessons.
  • Bitters instructions and herb infusions for health. 
  • Recipe collections and grocery lists based on dietary needs.
  • I am available for consulting, whether it be to add new foods into your diet, increase the nutritional value of your families daily menu, or help someone with a specific diet.


You can email me at:

In health and wellness. Take the first step and contact me to get on your path to optimal health.