Broth is a go-to necessity for me. I have a warm cup of broth when I get home from power yoga, often for breakfast, or in lieu of coffee or tea in the afternoon. Broth is nourishing and calming for your digestive track. Broth is an excellent way to stay hydrated due to the vitamins and minerals available that are a catalyst for absorption.  Juice cleanses are popular currently but often lack in absorbable nutrients and can have diuretic effects. I am a big fan of broth cleanses. There are companies out there that supply broth and pureed soup cleanse. I would recommend those over a straight juice cleanse. I am not saying that juice made of fruits and vegetables does not hold nutritional value, of course, they have nutritional value but I have concerns and questions regarding the absorbability and diuretic effects.

Broth Inspiration ( Beef, Chicken, Fish, Vegetable, Or Pork Broths)

Lemon, cilantro, salt & pepper

Tumeric,  salt & pepper

Ginger, Soy sauce or Bragg Amino Acids, Lime Juice

Garlic, Lemon juice, Salt & Pepper

Tomato Paste, Garlic, Parsley

Sriracha (or chili pepper flakes), Lemon or Lime, Cilantro

Miso Paste, Green Onion

Pour in Egg and stir, Red Chili Pepper Flakes, Green Onion

Sea Kelp Grandulars and Green Onion

Kimchi Juice

Saurerkraut Juice

Beet Kvass ( especially with beef stock)

To help with staying satiated  you can add: Grass Fed Butter,  Coconut Oil, Olive Oil (after heating)

Added Nutrients: Collagen, Sea Kelp, Miso, Turmeric w/pepper, Bragg Amino Acids, Coconut Aminos, sauerkraut juice, Beet Kvass.

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