Sore Muscles


My life has been packed with work, school, children, and moving to a new state. I have had very little self-care time and my workout regime went out the door months ago. I am proud of all that I have accomplished in the past year but I am committed to getting back to a healthier me including physical, mental, and spiritual health.  I am meditating and reading daily which helps me stay clear, focused, and motivated.  I have started attending hot yoga and my body thanks me. I am being patient with my body and finding comfort in my inability to keep up. I know I am just starting my journey and there is no need to compare or push my body in a direction it is not ready for. That being said I am SORE! I love baths and find warm water soothing and have always gravitated towards baths. The addition of Epsom salt and essential oils helps me soothe my muscles, calm my mind, and relax. I know that I am low in magnesium and find that I have a difficult time digesting magnesium supplements so baths of Epsom salts are very valuable to me.

I also have become a HUGE fan of CBD oil. It helps with my occasional moodiness, anxiety, and muscle pain. I do believe that different products help each of us differently. Like most things in life, it is never a one fits all solution. There are organic companies, high-end companies, and companies that market themselves in all directions. I have tried many forms of CBD including CBD & THC forms. I have found great relief from CBD tinctures.  I love SELECT CBD drops that are 100% hemp extract tinctures. The hemp is combined with MCT oil, Phodiola, Ashwagandha, peppermint, and Stevia. I have used olive oil tinctures but they did not agree with me. There are other flavors as well. I use CBD daily and do not want psychoactive effects. Read HERE if you would like to know about THC and CBD, the science behind each and their benefits.

I am an affiliate for Select CBD, I do not get paid but if you research or purchase from my link I may be eligible for discounts for my own purchase. I can not say enough about CBD from being a mood enhancer to depression, anxiety, muscle pain, general pain, sleep aide etc….

I suggest checking out their site and doing some research. Speaking to your doctor, naturopathic care physician, nutrition therapist, or other is also a great idea. If you would like to DM me I am happy to consult as well.



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