Butter makes everything better!

Butter is not your enemy.

Fat does not make you fat.

Kids need good cholesterol to develop properly.

I buy Kerry Gold pastured butter that is from cows that graze on green grass and are not treated with hormones.  Butter also works as a fat catalyst to absorb nutrients properly.

My boys ask for tabs of butter as they run through the kitchen. I am always trying to find ways to get more fat into these boys so a drive-by butter bite is ok with me. Butter with vegetables is a fabulous way to get kids and those picky adults to find vegetables more palatable but it also helps your digestive system to absorb the nutrients available in the vegetables.

I use ghee for cooking and it adds a fabulous color and taste without burning like traditional butter. I highly recommend it when you don’t want a coconut flavor and want higher temperatures that are not that appropriate for olive oil.

Butter, being a fat, helps to slow the absorption of quick burning carbohydrates as well. Lather that potato or a thick slice of yummy sourdough with butter and sprinkle them with salt. You will stay satiated longer and the fat helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels when eating carbs.



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