Prebiotics are a good thing. They supply your good gut bacteria with food that helps them thrive and in return help you thrive! I love onions and onions (RAW) are a great source of prebiotic fiber. Not everyone loves or can stomach raw white or red onions but more often than not many can tolerate green onions ( scallions if you may). Thrown on salads, soups, eggs, veggie dishes, casseroles….. Cooked onions do also have prebiotics benefits so if you just can’t stand raw onions don’t fret.

Other great sources of PREBIOTICS:

Raw Dandelion Greens

Raw Bananas

Raw Leeks


Jerusalem Artichokes


Potato Skins



Apple Cider Vinegar

Whole Grains & Sprouted Grains

Yes, you can always buy prebiotic supplements but I believe in whole food nutrition when possible. If you choose to go the supplement route remember when you finish a bottle to switch to a different brand. Variety is key. If you want more information regarding why you should rotate prebiotics and probiotics feel free to email me or stay tuned. That will be a great topic for another post.

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