Kids and Food


I had a follower ask the other day if my children ate what I feature in my pictures. The simple answer is NO.

I would hate for any mother to think they are not doing a good job or think that getting kids to eat healthfully was easy for everyone but them. I read many books, websites, and spoke to many mothers regarding healthy eating habits and getting my babies and now older sons to eat healthfully. Both my boys were amazing eaters until 18 months old. Then it all came to an end and nothing I did seemed to help.

I had been one of those moms that said they would never blend veggies into brownies to sneak them into their child’s diet. I still have not done that but I have been known to sneak things into smoothies. Things are ever evolving and changing as far as my children’s diet and tastes. They both eat one fermented veggie each night. My eldest will only eat sauerkraut ( or the juice) that I make. My youngest loves fermented brussels sprouts of all things but will, in general, eat most vegetables except salad! They must have a protein ( plant or animal ) with each meal and good fat. They often want rice or pasta and I usually have soaked and cooked rice on hand but they eat pasta weekly as well. I cover the rice or pasta with butter and they love Bragg Amino Acids ( instead of soy sauce). They are not interested in pasta sauces yet. We do use sprouted wheat bread and sprouted wheat bagels. They love it and don’t seem to know there are other options. We do eat sourdough occasionally. We also do not buy breakfast cereals. I believe they have little to no value. I will buy granola for camping trips or on occasion and they generally eat it with plain whole milk yogurt.

We offer and expose them to what we are eating and new foods regularly. My sons have very different personalities and one will often come around to trying new things and the other flat out refuses to even smell them ( this goes for desserts that he is not familiar with as well?!).  We try to not make a big deal out of their eating habits. We do talk about good health and the connection between healthy foods and being healthy, strong, and fast ( they really want to be fast for some reason). I don’t want to shame or scare them but I will say there have been moments when out of frustration I raise my voice or he ends up in tears. We are all human and it is a journey. I just keep hoping that if I model good eating and offer good food they both will eventually have good eating habits in the forefront of their brains.

Staples for my boys:

Nut Butters

Soaked and dried nuts

Sprouted wheat bread and bagels

Cheese, cream cheese, milk, butter…butter…butter ( raw if I can find it and always grass fed/pastured and WHOLE, never low fat or nonfat)

Coconut oil

Rice ( soaked with kombu)

Bragg Amino Acids ( instead of soy sauce)

Hard Boiled Eggs

Sauerkraut & Fermented brussels sprouts

Fruit ( fresh, frozen, dried, freeze-dried)

Jerky ( NO nitrates, pastured meats)

Water Water Water ( hydration is our countries biggest deficiency)

On a different but relevant note, my sons also take a whole foods based multivitamin, Nordic Naturals fish oil, and chelated/emulsified vitamin D3.


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