Coconut Yogurt

Yogurt and I have a long history. In 2006 when I was very sick and had no idea how bad my health was.  I was desperate and frustrated. This state of desperation was the catalyst I needed to start researching and inevitably to make a change. I needed to explore how I could help myself while seeking medical assistance as well. I found Breaking The Vicious Cycle, by Elaine Gottschall. In 2006 low-carb and keto were not mainstream topics nor was the topic of gut health, the topic of gut health and probiotics were just emerging.  This book and diet helped me to gain enough energy to seek medical intervention and then helped to bring me back to a healthy and symptom-free life.

The staple of the specific carbohydrate diet is to make your own yogurt. One must cook or ferment the yogurt for a full 48 hours so that the bacteria eat all the lactose or sugars in the milk. You are left with a thick and sour yogurt. I happen to love the sourness of the yogurt but it takes time to get used to it. After years of consuming yogurt in fairly large quantities, I have not been as inspired to incorporate yogurt into my diet. I use many fermented foods to help supply my gut with good bacteria. I do miss the simpleness of yogurt also a food that is soothing and still satiated my hunger.

Then I read several recipes for coconut yogurt. I do not buy store yogurt for myself. I feel it is packed with sugars, artificial sweeteners, and pasteurized with little beneficial bacteria to offer. I love coconut water, milk, cream, oil, and meat. Coconut yogurt is very expensive in the grocery store, so I thought what is the harm in trying to make it at home.

My first attempt I put my canned ( BPA free) coconut milk including cream in the blender. I thought it would make a smoother yogurt. I am not sure why but it did not turn out. My second attempt was glorious! I was so thrilled and blown away by the thickness and flavor. Though I did let it ferment for 48 hours the strong coconut flavor was more present than the sourness of the yogurt. It is worth a try! You can always add fresh fruit, toasted desiccated coconut, honey, maple syrup, vanilla….

You will need:

1 can of organic BPA free coconut milk with cream

4 probiotic capsules ( Jarro is an effective and affordable brand)


whisk ( ideally not metal, best with a silicon cover)

wood spoon or plastic spoon ( best to not use metal)

1-pint mason jar or jar of choice


Pour coconut milk and cream into the mason jar. Gently whisk the milk and cream together. When creamy open the probiotic capsules and pour the contents into the coconut milk and cream mixture and gently stir with a spoon. Place a tea towel or paper towel over the mason jar and leave on the counter for 12-48 hours. The longer the sourer and more beneficial bacteria ( also less naturally occurring sugars).


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