Stinging Nettle Tea

The temperatures are rising and staying hydrated is essential to our health. Dehydration is the most common deficiency in the US and is commonly misdiagnosed. I have talked about hydration and stinging nettle leaf tea before but I am going to again.  WHY?

It tastes great! Mild and sweet.

It helps you stay hydrated.

Full of nutrients: magnesium, calcium, silica, sulfur, and phytonutrients ( anti-inflammatory agents).

Preventative care ( plant-based medicine): for kidney infections, urinary tract infections & “irrigation therapy” for one suffering from a UTI, nourishing for menstruation.

If used daily the month before allergy season or regularly for those that suffer from allergies all year long it can help to alleviate symptoms.

Some claim it they help with thinning hair or hair loss likely due to their silica and sulfur content.

Removing toxins gently and safely.

 Method: 1/2 cup dried stinging nettle in a pint jar of cold water. Leave out overnight on the counter. Strain and drink the next day.  Double the recipe if you’d like but make fresh daily for best quality.


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