Restricted Nutrient Dense Potatoes

Overall we are a low carb and keto lifestyle home. However, men and women function differently and carbohydrates are very important for thyroid and hormone health. My husband is an avid mountain biker and bikes himself and my children to school, so he burns a lot of fat. He was not comfortable with the amount of weight he continued to lose and decided to add back into his diet restricted nutrient-dense carbs. I have experienced hormonal and adrenal issues so I decided to incorporate the same carbs to see how it affects me. We alternate weeks with colorful potatoes, yams/sweet potatoes, and parboiled rice. We generally cook a good amount and store in the refrigerator. The cooling process is important and cuts the glycemic index in half. Using nutrient-dense options versus processed foods ( bread, crackers, noodles) offers nutritional benefits. Bread, crackers, and noodles are carbohydrates that immediately turn into sugar. This sugar spikes your insulin and informs your body to store fat in muscle tissue and fat cells for later use.  One thing to do that will help stop the spike in insulin is to eat fat with your carbohydrates. It will slow the release of sugar and give a more steady and consistent energy source.

Special note, when you consume parboiled rice (brown or white) or rice that has been cooked and refrigerated (especially brown) it does not break down in your stomach. Instead, it begins to break down in your intestines and serves as a prebiotic food for your good gut bacteria.



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