Kid Friendly Fermented Brussels Sprouts?


Normally I would say Brussels sprouts are not necessarily a kid-friendly starter vegetable let alone fermented! However, kids surprise you and modeling good eating habits can lead to adventurous kid eaters!

My older son eats ONLY  one vegetable and that is sauerkraut. Since he will only eat one vegetable I am thrilled he choose one full of good gut bacteria and health benefits. My younger one will eat a few vegetables but nothing fermented or cultured. My younger son who is three and a half likes to try new foods off our plates. I think because he doesn’t want his older brother to judge him ( which of course we do not support this behavior but…) This has worked in our favor since he has a widening pallet and enjoys many more foods that his five-year-old brother won’t even try. One evening I was snacking on fermented Brussels sprouts while I was adding them to a salad for dinner. He asked for one and I handed him a leaf but not a quartered sprout. He said ” mom this is delicious!” and insisted that I give him another one but not just a leaf. My husband and I were speechless but did not react in any way as to not influence him. Now, he has fermented Brussels sprout as part of his vegetable rotation at dinner. I think this is pretty solid evidence that if you want your kid to eat healthily you must first eat healthily and model the behavior. Not that this works for all children, my five-year-old still struggles with eating vegetables ( not to mention most other foods). Still a great place to start and benefits each of us to implement healthy eating choices at every meal.


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