Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting

{The practice of giving your digestive track a break by not eating for a period of time. Generally this time is from after dinner through breakfast or lunch as part of a daily routine.}


Your body, when filled with nutrient dense healthy food, will tell you if it is hungry or not. The tricky part is when we consume sugar and/or carbs in the form of grains, our body craves more. There are biological reasons for this. It is hard to know if you truly need more or are craving more food if you’re not sticking to nutrient dense food choices.


I  feel best if I stop eating after 7:30pm most nights. I will have a cup of tea before bed to relax and hydrate. This gives my digestive system a long break (11-12 hours) before I have my morning coffee. This is what works for me. I encourage everyone to listen to their bodies and do what is best for them independently. If you are hungry eat! I do not believe in starving oneself. When you are eating nutrient dense food, your body generally does not crave foods it does not need. There are of course exceptions based on hereditary reasons or disease. It is always best to consult your doctor, naturopath, or nutritional coach before embarking on a new health routine. I say health routine because this is not a diet or trick. If you want a healthy and happy life, implementing healthful routines in your life that are meant to stay will give you eating purpose and become habit.


Often those who participate in intermittent fasting also include working out prior to their first meal. This is not something that I have found doable for me. I can not sustain the energy expenditure. My husband has had great success with this technique. Most things don’t work for everyone. Try it and see how you do or your body reacts.


My morning coffee is generally eternally evolving but coming soon I will share the recipe with you!


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