Product Review 

Healthy Noodles that are purchased at Costco were a bit of surprise of a find. NO fat, sugar, gluten, cholesterol, or dairy.  I thought why not try them. When you take them out of the plastic sealed bag they come in you rinse them in water. They are surprisingly resilient and do not break. I have cooked them in soup, I have stir fried them for Pad Thai, and I have simply poured pasta sauce over the noodles not cooked. In every example they have kept their texture, did not break, and held up to the cooking method. They have NO taste which is fine with me. Several of the other noodle alternatives I have tried either have a fishy smell and taste or a kelp taste. I don’t mind the kelp taste but I do not care for the fishy aroma or taste of other products. From what I gather from the ingredients on the back of the packaging these noodles are made from yam powder and soybean fiber( cellulose, sodium alginate, and chloride) . I would not say the cleanest ingredient list but when gluten upsets your system or you are strict KETO this is a viable option.

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