My new go to HAT TRICK 


We live in an area where there are dozens of taquerias. We can pick and choose the style and quality we enjoy best. When it comes to tacos a crisped up meat is ideal whether you are talking beef, chicken, or pork. When topped with cilantro, onion, and salsa ist is a traditional and incredibly flavorful taco. The opposite is best in burritos, shredded meat in a flavorful sauce that is kept sealed in a flour tortilla accompanied by cabbage, salsa, beans, and cheese. We will save burritos for another day. TACOS! We love tacos and have them once a week and every time we go camping.  To control the quality of ingrediants once again I choose to buy what I prefer and make it at home. I always cook my meat ( chicken, beef, or pork) in my pressure cooker so it is flavorful and shreddable. Once the meat is cooked you can store in the fridge or freezer until you want to use it. I simply reserve the juice from the pressure cooker to amend soups, rice, or casserols and shredd the meat to store.

You will need:

meat of choice chicken (thighs are best) , turkey on bone, beef roast, pork shoulder or butt


water to cover

Spice is up to you but below is what I used:

1-3 bay leaves


1 onion roughly diced


garlic (2 raw cloves or 1 Tbs granulated)


dried chili peppers 1 tsp


Mexican oregano  1Tbs

Pressure cooker is the only tool you will need. You can use a cast iron cooking vessel on the stove top/oven. The time will be much longer but you will get the same results.


Place all spices in pressure cooker with your meat and cover with filtered water. Water should just reach the top of your meat. Bring to a boil, cover, and seal. Cook for 45 minutes. Release according to your pressure cooker instructions. Separate the juice and the meat. Shred the meat with two forks and allow to cool. Store in the fridge. If you want to use the meat immediately I would allow to cool on a paper towel or dish towel to absorb excess juices.

To crisp, which is KEY to amazing tacos, heat a frying pan on high heat. Add in avocado oil or oil of your choice until almost smoking. Quickly add in your meat and use an oil splatter screen. Every other minute or so use tongs to move around the meat. It will crisp up and add a golden color. When as golden and crisp as you prefer you can put on paper towels or directly onto tortillas. I sprinkle with a bit of kosher salt to amplify the flavor. I like to use corn or low carb tortillas. I heat them directly on my gas stove burners. I love my tacos to be as traditional as possible. I top with cilantro, onion, and a spicy salsa verde.

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