Summer Time

It is summer and I like to have lots of healthy beverages on hand. I have been intending to start my water kefir but have not found the time to do so yet! In the mean time I started these two flavored waters to have concentrated healthy beverages on hand. We have a Soda Stream at home that we LOVE. We do not buy any commercial flavoring and do not consume sodas but we love carbonated filtered water. Often we add bitters or a squeeze of lemon to our carbonated water but since the temperatures are rising I want to stay hydrated and need to add a few flavors with health to my rotation.

Today I steeped Yerba Mate in hot water. Two tablespoons in a quart mason jar. I also steeped two lemons ( one Meyer and one Eureka) and a large nub of ginger that was peeled and sliced. I used one Meyer for its sweetness and one Eureka for sourness and bright lemon flavor. I used a quart mason jar for this one as well. When the water reached room temperature I took the Yerba Mate tea out and stored in the fridge. In the other jar I kept the ginger and lemons in while I store in the fridge. They are concentrated and should be added to water, tea, carbonated water etc.

These also make great bases for summer spritzers or cocktails!


2 thoughts on “Summer Time

    1. That would be great too! This is to have on had in the fridge in concentration. There is also ginger in there and that needs time to steep for sure. It is easier for me to have on hand to add to carbonated water or an evening cocktail.There is not additional health benefit just convenience.

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