Spice and Everything Nice or in this case AMAZING 

My mother is a food broker and found these two special bottles of spice that really was a special gift. Truffles are extremely expensive and not exactly easy to find at your local grocery store. Truffles have a very distinctive flavor and smell. I have not met anyone that did not like it but it is very distinct and I am guessing you love it or hate it. Often you will see truffled oils used on pasta or french fries. You can see shaved truffles on menus  ( usually very costly). Truffles pair very well with eggs.  I like to sprinkle truffled salt and truffle dust on deviled eggs or scrambles eggs. Worth having in your arsenal and really packs a punch!


As a side note there does not seem to be a measurable health benefits to truffles but there are no draw backs either.

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