Hot Sauce

Found these beauties at the farmers market Saturday. This booth that I frequent has a sign that says Organic Produce in BOLD print and below clearly states that they can not guarantee organic produce. They participate in organic farming practices but do not want to pay for organic title. It is expensive and unfortunately is ever changing with large corporations influencing the true meaning and parameters defining organic.  Good reason to say  hello and get to know your local farmers.

These are VERY HOT and green. I am not sure there exact name but I follow the general rule of thumb that the smaller the hotter. Cutting these little guys burned my nose and eyes. Yes, I wear gloves! I highly recommend gloves when working with hot peppers. One time rubbing your eyes or your child’s face and you will never go gloveless again.


You will need:

1 cup peppers

2 tablespoons kosher salt

Optional Flavors: Cumin Seeds, Garlic, Cilantro, Mexican Oregano, Carrots, Onion….

To ferment these little guys I simply cut off the top including the stem. I made a strong brine of two tablespoons kosher salt for a pint. I added garlic and cumin seeds for flavor. I weighed the peppers down and put on the counter. It has been warm here at the coast and if it continues it will easily be done in 10-14 days. When they are fermented to my taste I will drain the brine ( I store on the side for extra liquid if I need it) and puree the peppers( garlic and cumin seeds) in my high speed blender. WATCH OUT the fumes from the blender are potent! I store with a little bit of brine on the top in the fridge.


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