Tips For Health


I drink 16 ounces of warm water, with a lemon squeezed into it, first thing each morning.

Breath deeply when ever you can think about it or feel stressed. Yes, I do this while on yard duty at school or between breaths reading a story to my students. You can do this.

I prep my food when I can, Sundays are my day of choice. Don’t wait till 6:59 am when you need to drive away at 7:00am.

Intermittent fasting, only if your body agrees! If you are hungry, eat! If not, wait until you are hungry. Most days I don’t eat past 7pm. The next morning I  don’t eat until 10:30am (snack time in TK).

Get your GREENS in, try for every meal.

Drink water. ( If you don’t love water then caffeine free tea, carbonated water, or water with lime/lemon.)

Add fermented foods and/beverages to your daily intake.

Apple Cider Vinegar is awesome, take a shot of it, mix with water and take it down, add it to salad or where works for you.

Smile and say hello to whoever whenever you can.

Exercise daily, even if it means a quick walk or squats and stretch before bed.

I prioritize sleep, yes with two kids that I need to get down each night and get up to teach transitional kindergarten each day. I try for 9-10 hours.

Each night I actively think about being positive. I try to think of a handful of daily occurrences I am thankful for as well.



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