Green Pâté 

I have been talking a lot more about Keto and how my husband and I have found a balanced approach to a low to no carb life style. I will share more on this topic very soon!

One great way to make sure you are getting enough greens each day is to keep this green pâté on hand. I found a recipe that I adapted to my needs on More on why I love Leanne and find her take on Keto/balanced diet soon.

You will need:

two bunches of kale ( any variety)

3 tablespoons hemp hearts ( raw shelled hemp seeds)

2 tablespoons garlic minced

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup cold pressed olive oil ( you may need more)

1 tablespoon high heat oil ( coconut or oil of your choice)

salt & pepper to taste

food processor with S blade or high powered blender

***possible other additions: chili pepper flakes, green onions, shallots, nuts, fresh herbs…

Method: Wash kale and take out the center stem. Throw into a medium hot pan with a bit of water still on the greens. Add one tablespoon coconut oil or other high heat oil and place lid on pan. Let kale get soft and some will get crispy. This should take five minutes.

In your food processor or high powered blender place all the rest of the ingredients. When the kale is done place kale on top of ingredients in the processor and blend. You may need to scrap the sides down or drizzle more olive oil in to keep the mixture moving and breaking down. When it looks like a paste or slightly looser you are done. I scrap out and put into a mason jar with lid.

Uses: on cut up veggies, dip on GF crackers, on meat, in a salad, on top of cheese, on top of grilled cauliflower steaks, accompanying  nutrient dense cabs like potatoes or yam.

Recipe adapted from the wonderful @healthfulpursuit

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