Golden Milk

While on vacation I finally tried Golden Milk from Rebbl ( not the paste but the cold prepackaged beverage in the refrigerator isle). It was amazing and I could drink it everyday! However, I can not afford to drink it everyday and very few stores have the turmeric golden milk option. What I liked about it was it was cold and all I had read about was warm golden milk. Now I am home, I wanted to try the warm version and make my own paste to see if I enjoyed it. This is the economical version as well. Rebbl also has a powder you can buy to make your own golden milk, I have not purchased this, also very expensive.

You will need to visit this website: Where Is My Spoon  for the recipe. I want to give credit to those that inspire me! This recipe inspired me due to a few extras: ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. All flavors I love and with their own health benefits.

Overall, it was simple to make. I was able to find and afford organic turmeric which is essential when consuming large quantities for health purposes. Apparently I can store in the fridge for weeks. I do not however like it warm. I know many people do and I may enjoy another recipe warm but not this one. I DO, however, like it cold. I throw a teaspoon in almond milk or cashew and shake it up vigorously! I like to add a few stevia drops but honey would be fabulous as well! It is worth a try especially since the health benefits are numerous.

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