Watermelon Radish

Currently in season are these very brilliantly colored radishes They are very mild and impressive on a plate. I love them on sandwiches or salads. Kids are attracted to them since they do look somewhat like watermelon. They are a nice step into radishes since they are very mild.  Today I knew that my meals were planned and I did not want them to go to waste or get soft so I decided to ferment them!

You will need:

A radish or a few

A fermenting vessel of your choice

Fresh filtered water

Kosher salt ( or salt of your choice OTHER than iodized table salt)

I sliced my radish to display the beautiful colors but you can grate radishes or cube them, really what ever you think up will work. Place them in a jar of choice. You want to make a brine that is salty but not unbearably so. I use one tablespoon salt per 2 cups of water. I use Kosher salt so it looks like a lot but has a milder flavor. If you use pink Himalayan or other it can vary. Which is why I suggest you taste as you go. Tolerably salty!   Dissolve the salt in fresh filtered water and make sure it is at room temperature ( cold is fine but NOT warm). Pour over radishes. Leave a bit of headspace at the top of the jar. I weighted my radish down with a glass weight. I use plastic mason jar lids. Leave on the counter 7-14 days depending on your home temperature. 65-75 degrees is desirable. If warmer check sooner and if colder it may take longer. Sample as you go and stop when you like the flavor. Keep in the fridge and they will crisp up a bit and develop the flavor as well.



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