Lettuce seems to be pretty easy to grow. In December I decided to throw some start ups in a large black grow bucket. Yes, I live in California so we do get some sun and much more mild of a winter ( no snow) but we have been hammered all winter with rain. We definitely need the rain but our roads are being washed away and our reservoirs are bursting at the seams. My lettuce has gone nuts!

All that being said lettuce is a staple in our house. We use it for our daily lunch salads, instead of bread for sandwiches, and for wraps instead of tortillas. Different lettuces an offer different texture, sturdiness, and health options. Below is a Japanese Spicy Red Leaf Lettuce. It tastes like romaine lettuce covered in wasabi! It grows especially well here but honestly it is tooooo spicy for us to use as a salad staple by itself. Adding it to soups or in additions to a milder lettuce for a salad is yummy.

Try wrapping up your next taco fixings in lettuce. Try having turkey, pickled onions, and avocado in romaine, or Chinese stir fry in butter leave lettuce topped with chopped peanuts. You will feel full, healthy, and not weighed down.


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