Importance of Culture & Spice 

To keep me interested in eating at home day after day and lunch after dinner I rely on bringing taste and health to each meal. Having pickled onions, sauerkraut, fermented jalapeños,  kimchi in many forms, fermented carrots & daikon, salsa, hot sauce… you get my drift, brings something special to any and every meal. I keep honey ferments: lemon, garlic, and berries for health and sweetness for breakfast or tea. They are also great to keep off those nasty winter colds or the flu. My master tonic I take a shot of daily and hourly if I feel something coming on. These things take a bit of time but last for months if not longer! They provide a plethora of goodies for your gut. Pairing them with prebiotics will guarantee gut health and overall health.

You can buy these additions but they are pricey and you can not guarantee the quality. Sometimes it is worth the convenience especially while traveling or just being super busy. I find enjoyment with learning and great confidence when not only do my fermentations turn out but when I see others enjoy them


Explore my older blogs or options to find something that interests you. Start small and grow with your confidence. It is an investment in your health and brings cultures into your life!

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