Obsessed: Matcha Cashew Milk Latte

I have a love affair with coffee. I love the smell and taste of coffee. I love the warm cup. I love to wake up to the thought of coffee. Nothing is really going to end this love affair, at least that I am aware of. However, I do strive for health and drinking multiple cups of coffee each day is not so great for my Crohn’s disease. I decided to try matcha. The caffeine in matcha is said to be more stable and there are huge benefits to green tea, especially in the potent form of the ground leaf of matcha. It can be bitter. It takes some time to get used to it. Below is how I have found great pleasure in matcha.

You will need:

1/2 cup homemade cashew milk

1 teaspoon matcha ( organic and fair trade are pretty essential in my opinion)

1 teaspoon sweetener of choice

1 cup hot water

I mix with my handy frothed but you can use what ever method you choose. Shaking or mixing vigorously with a whisk works. Throw it in your blender but simply string with a spoon leaves it lacking.



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