Ginger Chamomile Fizzy Pop

Ginger Chamomile Fizzy Pop

You can use any tea or juice of choice that is fresh and not pasteurized. I made a batch of chamomile tea. My ginger bug was fizzing and bubbling and ready to go. I took 1/4  a cup of my ginger bug and put it into a lock seal bottle commonly used by home brewers ( you can always use an old kombucha or kefir glass jar with screw lid). I used a quart of chamomile tea and two tablespoons of raw sugar. I mixed it all together in the lock seal bottle and left it out on the counter for three days. I then put the bottle in the fridge. I did notice some floating sediment at the top one day that settled on the bottom a day later. Remember this is a cultured or fermented beverage. The sugar is being digested by the ginger bug to create the fizz!



The end result was drank two weeks later. I feel the chamomile tea was a nice start but not enough gusto for me. I will try a different medium/tea/juice next time. I am thinking I may experiment with a adding raw ginger to the batch for some spiciness as well. I would love to hear what you have tried and how it turned out.

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