Ginger BUG

Creating a Ginger Bug is NOT so Scary Stuff


I have had bronchitis for 29 days. While I had no energy my first instinct is to throw everything I have it.  I tried….

Fermented Garlic

Vinegar Preserved Garlic

Master Tonic

ALL and ANYTHING Cultured

GINGER Lemon Honey Tea

Unfortunately nothing worked. I had to go with the much more scary antibiotics and prednisone. This is particularly scary for someone with an autoimmune disease that works very hard to keep a very hospitable gut for healthy bacteria. New teaching job and new germs that just got ahold of me!

That being said I decided to grow my cabinet of goodies to heal my gut after antibiotics, which included getting a ginger bug started for ginger beer, ginger soda, and fizzy pop ( and during my antibiotic dosage I am taking a high dose of probiotics, prebiotics, and food enzymes). I have been wanting to start a ginger bug to grow my fizzy beverage options. Luckily Costco of all places has ORGANIC ginger in large quantities.

You will need:

enough ginger to have 2 table spoons for 3-5 days per day

raw sugar 1 tablespoon per day

filtered water

In a clean jar of choice, I used a mason jar, I grated with out the peel (though many recipes call for leaving the skin on) a large nub of ginger to equal 2 tablespoons and placed in jar. I added 1 tablespoon raw sugar and topped with 2 tablespoons of fresh filtered water. I covered the jar with a tea towel and put in a warm spot of my kitchen ( not next to other ferments). I did stir well before putting aside. Do this again for three to five days. You will see and hear fizz and bubbles usually the third day. I fed the ginger bug one last day and then refrigerated. SO, for me it was four days total. I say once you see and hear fizzy bubbles always good to let it go for an additional day to get it going strong.


Before I put in the fridge I started my first ginger chamomile soda. Recipe to follow soon.

Get started!



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