Perfect Pork Chops

Easy dinner for any work night are quick pork chops. I highly recommend pastured meats. No soap box speech but good quality meat is healthier. I buy thin bone-in chops. My husband needs two but we always have more than half the plate full of veggies.

4 bone in thin cut pork chops

avocado or high heat oil




I pat the chops very dry with a paper towel. I salt and pepper generously both sides. Place a cast iron or enameled cast iron pan on high heat. When very hot add in a half tablespoon avocado oil or high heat oil. Add the pork chops. Turn down the heat to medium. Flip after three minutes. After you flip add a knob or 1/4 tablespoon butter on each chop. As it melts sprinkle the capers over all chops and lastly juice a whole lemon over all four chops. Take the chops off the heat. The residual heat will combine the lemon juice and butter to make a nice sauce.

Ridiculously quick. Have everything ready before you start because you do not want to overcook.

In the feature image I served with cauliflower gratin.

I could also serve with a large mixed green salad, dinner in 10 minutes max.

Don’t like capers, add pickled onions!



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