Strawberry Martini

Strawberries are still in season and grown locally ( organic and amazingly flavorful). My sons insist on getting three baskets a week. Since sit is Friday night and I wanted to make myself a low carb adult beverage to cheers the weekend I thought I might try incorporating  the ruby red strawberries I had left.

In a mixer I vigorously shook 2 jiggers vodka, ice, half a lime, and three macerated strawberries. One could add in stevia or Erythritol to sweeten it up but my strawberries were fantastically sweet. SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE and poor over ice or if you prefer a martini as I often do drink it up!

2 jiggers vodka ( though tequila would be fantastic as well)


half a lime squeezed

3 strawberries (more if you choose)


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