Low Carb Pina Colada

My husband is on a Ketogenic diet. I am not as committed as he and have my own health beliefs. Do NOT take my beans away from me. Though cutting sugar and refined grains is something I believe strongly in. SO, as a full time teacher, parent, and life participant I enjoy my adult beverage. This was a Friday evening special that I came up with. I love having limited options to bring out my creativity! No sugar, few carbs,  and good fat!

You will need:

coconut La Croix ( any carbonated water will do)

canned coconut milk with fat/cream top



In a shaker full of ice, I used TWO shots of vodka ( it is Friday after all), two table spoons coconut milk from can, half a lime squeezed and shook rapidly. I poured over ice and topped with La Croix ( or other bubbly water). Very refreshing and if you close your eye you may feel the Hawaiian breeze.


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