My husband started a very low carb diet. I like the idea of it but do not have the convince nor desire to be as strict as he. He limits his carbs to 40-50 grams a day. That is on top of expending 4k a day in bike riding! He is crazy and has has huge success in loosing weight.

I love Pique but it usually calls for fermenting pineapple rind. Pineapple is a no no now for my husband so I found another very popular option in Puerto Rico that sounded good.

I made this a month ago and LOVE it! It also seems to be gentler on my stomach than the pineapple rind version

You will need:

  • two red jalapeños
  • two seranos
  • 1 habanero
  • 5-10 cloves garlic
  • enough Apple Cider Vinegar to cover

You can use any jar you have around. I used a quart mason far. I cut the stems and top off the peppers, peeled the garlic, and poured the cider vinegar over. I sealed and let sit on the counter for 48 hours. I then have kept it in the fridge since. It is great added to salad dressings or topping on soup, chicken, beans, rice. I have used it as a marinade as well. You can add more peppers if you want more heat but I love heat and found this to be hot but also flavorful.



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