I love Sol Food in San Rafael,CA . It is the most amazing Puerto Rican food I have ever tasted! Pique is the staple hot sauce always on the table in big wine bottles with amber liquid. It is tangy, hot, and a tad bit sweet.

In the past I have made it with fresh pineapple rind. It ferments and adds effervecence and sweetness. I have been checking lots of resources and found that not all include pineapple. Since my husband is not consuming sugar of any source ( including fruit, for only 6 weeks there will be an end to the madness) I wanted to try one of the recipes I found without pineapple.

IT is SUPER EASY! You need a collection of peppers ( red-hot, orange-really hot, and green hot) or in other words jalapeños, red jalapeños, serranos, and habeneros. Lots of vinegar and garlic.

I chose three serranos, two red jalapeños, and one habeneros (scotch bonnet), five garlic cloves, and enough cider vinegar to fill bottle. I cut off the stem of the peppers and cut a few in half but left the seeds and veins. I also squeezed a half a lemon ( I wold have preferred a lime but I had a lemon on hand). I am going to let it sit out for two days then refrigerate.



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