Best Straw-Berry Hack

My kids LOVE strawberries. We buy three baskets every weekend at farmers market. I have to clean A LOT of strawberries! I hate wasting so much of the strawberries when you cut off the tops but my kids will waste even more if I give the berries to them with the green still attached atop. I happened to have a straw next to the sink and thought I had heard someone used them to remove the white center and green top. I was careful at first but realized there was no need to be careful, at least with ripe strawberries. My straw was from a pack I purchased at IKEA, it was extra wide. I have to say that helped. I know there are awesome glass and metal straws out there now. Those are a great alternative to plastic, I am now in search of one. Try it and I promise you won’t be sorry!

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