Soaked Nuts Revisted

We have been on the road and camping a lot this summer. The boys love nuts and they are easy to clean up off the carseats and floor. They are an easy go to healthy snack. I can not stomach regular roasted nuts these days. Too heavy for my stomach and not easily digested. So, I decided to make sure my kids were absorbing as much health from these snacks and I can also get in on the action as we are on the road. I know it seems like another step would be a HUGE inconvenience but it truly is not that difficult and the taste is sweet, nutty, and surprisingly light. REALLY TRY IT! Not to mention healthy and more absorbable!!!

To make it EASY just put your nuts in a mason jar or non-reactive bowl. Add a tablespoon salt and cover with filtered water. Let them sit usually 6-12 hours ( check the link above), cashews are 6 hours max). I drain them and rinse them. I then lay them out on a cookie sheet. I place then in a cool oven and bring the temperature up to 350 degrees. Once the oven has reached 350 degrees I turn it off and leave over night. I DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN. Next day I put in a  air tight container. You can refrigerate. You can add salt or other flavoring. I love them as is.


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