It is that time of year. All the amazing fruits and veggies are rolling into your local farmer’s market. You will get healthy great food at a good cost, you will support your neighbors, and if you start to preserve your food you will have great goodies all year long.


This weekend I made some kimchi and sauerkraut!

Link above to recipes that I have already posted. Don’t be afraid to use what you see. Use any cabbage: savoy, napa, cone, red, etc. Mix up the spice: caraway, rye, cumin, or add jalapeños, carrots, apple, pineapple, radish!

My kimchi was a mix of napa cabbage, rutabaga, and daikon radish spiced with Korean red chili flakes, scallions, and garlic!


Play and have fun! Add a little spice and health into your life and plate.

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