I grew up in Stockton and asparagus is King in the Valley. Luckily when in season it grew local and was perfection. Normally making an appearance in mid spring. Stockton hosted the Asparagus festival and still does, I have had it every which way including fried and in ice-cream!  My mom was obsessed with the vegetable and now I am too. Luckily my farmers market still is getting some in though they are heading out of season.

My favorite recipe is to cut off the bottoms (freeze for veg broth). Dry the rest of the stalk well and coat with oil, salt, pepper, and garlic salt. I BBQ them on a top level as to not hit direct heat. You want them to dry out as they roast. They are like super nutrition french fries. We dip ours in mayo.

When buying look for crisp, tight tops, and bright green. Though they do have purple coloration at times. I do not buy white asparagus, I know little about it other than it is grown in the dark…

We also add to: pasta (steamed), quick stir fry, thinly sliced for raw salads, into frittatas, soup, simple side dish slightly steamed….

Ridiculously healthy and full of taste!

Side note, it can make your urine smell strong…though only some of us can smell it and only some of us it effects. Roll the dice it is worth it!

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