Strawberry Kiwi Cashew Boost!

I am trying to give my GI system a break so lots of broth, soups, and smoothies! Ya for my Vitamix!

Today I am making GAPS stock and chicken soup while entertaining my two toddlers. I will need some energy to keep up and pay attention. I don’t want to eat a big breakfast due to giving my GI track a break so a smoothie it is.

Packed with good fats, nutrients, and inflammatory goodies!

All you need:

*cashew creamer

*3 strawberries

*1 kiwi

*1 tablespoon coconut oil (virgin cold pressed & organic)

BLEND thoroughly until smooth. It has a very airy consistency due to the cashew creamer. Though with the good fats from the coconut oil and nuts it should keep me full for a couple of hours:)


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