Don’t buy into the pressure!

Eating healthy and wanting to nourish yourself, family, friends, community doesn’t have to be fancy or Instagram ready. 

I fell in love with cooking vs baking because I can not for the life of me follow a recipe. I am not detail oriented and have a short attention span. Hence the terrible editing on this blog.  I always forget to get something at the store or miss adding an ingredient. Cooking is much more understanding and flexible. 

This soup was made when I was sick, had no energy, and used what I could find in the fridge.

I found:

*frozen stock ( love it and it is a life saver)

*frozen chicken

*tomato paste ( in glass jar that I always have in the pantry)

*can of olives ( my kids love and I always have)

*can or frozen beans ( I always keep both just in case)


*three carrots from back of fridge

*left over cheese (feta)

*almost too ripe avocado

I seriously just put the frozen chicken and frozen stock in a pot on low (added a half cup of water to get things going) and let things thaw. When thawed, I cut the chicken in the pot with kitchen shears. I added onion, carrots, a teaspoon of Mexican oregano, a tablespoon cumin, and pre-minced garlic from a jar in my fridge. Use what you  have as far as spices. 

I left  the carrots, onions, and chicken cook until done. I then added the olives and beans. Topped with avocado, cheese, and ALWAYS hot sauce. Done. This looks like it took a lot of thought and time but neither is true. It is a great way to clean out your fridge and use all the veggies before they go bad. Having stock and beans around (frozen or otherwise) makes for quick and healthy meals and no need for fast food.

You can always throw a handful of rice or polenta in if you don’t have beans or care for them. Try amaranth, barley, faro, the list is endless!

I was out of GREENS but a handful of any greens during cooking for tougher greens (kale, chard, mustard greens) or on top for young greens (spinach, micro greens, sprouts, fresh herbs) would really round it out nutritionally.

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