Veggie Spring Rolls

This is a great fresh meal that is all about the prep. Once you have everything sliced and diced you are good to go. The rice paper wrappers are simple to hydrate and more durable that you think. You can experiment a little but have fun. If you rip one, no biggie.

You will need:

*rice paper wrappers ( they are dried and you can find on amazon or Asian stores)

*bell pepper

*handful of cilantro

*5 green onions (scallions)

*micro greens or greens of choice

*half of a cucumber

*1/4 cabbage

*limes ( I love them so I used two)

*red onion

*peanut sauce

*toasted sesame oil

*red wine vinegar


Prep all the veggies by slicing them thinly: I used bell peppers, cucumber, cabbage, cilantro (chop), green onion, and left the micro green sprouts as is.

In a shallow dish fill with warm water. Dip the rice paper wrapper in the water and count to 20. Take out with your fingers and hold it apart. Dry on a towel quickly and gently.

Do one rice paper at a time and fill. Lay it on a work space. Lay the veg in a the center of the rice paper. I pull one side over and tuck it in. Then I roll the side over towards the other side. I do not tuck the end but you could. I like to get all my sauce choice directly into my rolls.


  1. I cut red onion and cucumber very thin and cover with red wine vinegar in a sauce dish. I sprinkle a few drops of toasted sesame oil on top.
  2. 2. peanut sauce ( bought at the store, yes I cheated)

Serve with lots of lime. I also served with a side of yogurt chicken. I will save yogurt chicken for another day.



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