For a very long time I have wondered about “my culture”. What is “my culture”? I asked my grandparents about who they are, who their family was, where they came from, what did they eat, their jobs, where did they travel, what hobbies did they have, religion, books, music….. I did not see many connections to my childhood or to my current life except food and manners.

Culture to me is food. I am taking what I smelled, tasted, experienced as far as food and “my culture”. Food and how we make it is part of culture. Interestingly, as part of the current food movement, culture would be an essential part. How we make our food, who makes our food, and using true and tested methods from thousands of years of experience is what we are (many of us) are looking back for to feel better, cook better, and build our own culture. Food culture and cultures as food. The process of adding cultures to food to make them more bio-avialable and nutritious for us. This is what I love to explore and share. This is what I hope to bring to you.

Get into your kitchen. Play, cook, have fun, include your friends, family, husband, partner, kids, neighbors. You will learn and grown in many ways. Take an active roll in your health. It blows my mind that people will spend hundreds on gym memberships, beauty products, etc and not invest in whole ingrediants and make a meal you can be proud of ( and laugh about occasionally). You control what you ingest. Invest in your health. Build your culture.

Go to your local famers market, look up a recipe, and play. 

Have fun.

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