Gochujang Drum Sticks

The weather had been insane in Santa Cruz! In the 70’s so I got a excited about summer meals.


You will need:

*2 full tablespoons Gochujang paste ( or in a pinch Gochujang chili powder) the paste has a depth of flavor that is amazing!

*1 lemon juiced and rind reserved (grated on a microplane)

*1 orange juiced and ride reserved (grate on a microplane)

*1/2 cup warm water to dilute the Gochujang

*15 drum sticks (we love leftovers)

I mixed all the ingredients (minus the chicken) in a bowl to incorporate well. You can add the chicken to a bowl or a ziplock back and cover (seal). I refrigerated for two days because we had last minute dinner plans that kept us out of our home. I baked these for an hour and a half at 350 degrees. Feel free to barbecue! We were out of propane otherwise the weather would have called for outdoor cooking!




I served these drumsticks with stead broccoli and potato salad.  Oh, and a glass of nice Pinot Gris.


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