Anti-Inflammatory Juice

Anti-Inflammatory Juice

I have been feeling off lately and I have Crohn’s disease. To be proactive I am increasing my anti-inflammatory intake. I take turmeric pills every morning,I am cutting out most dairy, drinking more green tea, eating fermented/cultured food at each meal, and trying to juice more. Juicing is an easy meal for my body to breakdown but can cause  intestinal irritation for some. I would suggest half water/half juice until you are consuming juice regularly.

I happened to have a half of a pineapple. Pineapple is high on the scale for anti-inflammatory fruit. Bromelain is the magic ingredient inside pineapple. It is mostly found in the core and stem. That is why I am going to blend the core in my juicer. Scientists are exploring the many benefits of pineapple: cancer fighting, ability to halt the growth of new cancer cells, its ability to halt the pain of arthritis, and many more. Please check out more information here: Pineapple

You will need:

*half a pineapple

*1 lime

*2 carrots

*kale-I used baby kale that I had in the fridge. A little goes along ways in a smoothie.I say start with a 1/2 cup chopped kale and go from there.

Wash all ingredients well. Chop all ingredients to about the same size. Blend, for a significant amount of time so all the fibers are broken down and well blended. It is had for me to say on your blender (regular blender, BlendTec, or Vitamix) but I would start with 2 whole minutes. The pineapple adds a lot of liquid to this smoothie but I still added a half cup water to the mix. This batch made three pints that I put into mason jars and lid for use at work during the week.






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