Kohlrabi Kimchi

Kohlrabi Kimchi

You will need:

*two kohlrabi

*4 green onion stalks

*1 tablespoon chopped cilantro

*4 cloves garlic

*2 tablespoons Dried Korean Red Gochujang Chili (you can use chili pepper paste as well, Sriracha or Gochujang)

*quart mason jar

*brine (2 tablespoons kosher salt and two cups water)

Peel the kohlrabi with a  carrot peeler. Dice into 1/2 inch cubes. Chop the cilantro and garlic. Add all the ingredients into a clean mason jar. Pour dried chilies into jar. If using a paste I recommend massaging all the veggies with the paste before putting them into the jar or dissolving the paste into the brine. Make sure the brine has cooled to room temperature after dissolving the salt into the water. Cover the kohlrabi with a lid and leave a 1/2 inch head space. Leave in a dark and somewhat warm place. ( I use the garage sink) It may release some juices so putting a plate or bowl under the jar is recommend. Leave for 4-10 days on average. You want the brine to be effervescent and the vegetables to have taken in the spice and begun to ferment. When you open the jar and it fizzes this is an excellent sign!

Any dry mold or scum I say throw it away and try again. Putting a weight on the veg to keep it submerged will help to prevent this. You can also use an airlock devise.

Airlock Fermenting


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