Espresso & Cashew Creamer


Good morning! I can not wake up without two things, a cup of hot lemon water or my morning coffee/espresso.


Lemon water: Must do! I will post soon about the benefits of starting your day (even before you brush your teeth) with a hot cup of water with lemon.

Coffee/espresso: Until recently I was a coffee press person. I love pressed coffee verses drip coffee. Don’t get me wrong, when I need a cup I will take what you got, but I love the coffee oils and density from a coffee press. More recently I decide to cut out half and half from my morning routine. When I did so, coffee with non-dairy creamer ( almond milk or cashew creamer just did not do it for me). So, I decided to go back to making a double espresso shot (from the espresso machine we got for a wedding gift 7 years ago!). Almond milk or cashew creamer goes much better, in my opinion, with espresso. Less watered down and still maintaining the true coffee taste that I love.

This will help me cut extra fat (that is less beneficial fat), and I consume less liquid and can replace it with water during my morning.

Cashew Creamer  ,follow link to a new creamy experience that includes good fat and less dairy!



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