Rutabaga Tiki Masala

I keep a large  batch of soaked and cooked brown rice in my fridge. My kids eat it regularly and it makes the perfect accompaniment for kimchi, veggies, or quick dinners.

Rutabaga Tiki Masala

We love Tiki Masala in our house. Chicken is yummy, potatoes it excellent, but I happened to have a ver large rutabaga so I diced to use it! Rutabaga are beige and purple and look like a turnip or radish on steroids. They are slightly sweet, have a very slight spice ( like a radish), and if steamed well are the consistency of a cooked potato. That being said they can be eaten raw, fermented like a kraut, roasted, or steamed.

In this recipe I chose to simmer the rutabaga in the store bought Tiki Marala sauce we love. Yes, I use store bought sauces on occasion. They are handy and we all have busy days.You could easy use a marinara sauce or any sauce you love to simmer the rutabaga in and serve over rice/noodles.

You will need:

*1 large rutabaga

*sauce of your liking ( I used Tiki Masala)

*Stewing pot with lid

I first wash my rutabaga and peel it completely with a vegetable peeler. I cut the rutabaga into 1/2 in dice. I throw the pieces into a stewing pot ( I love enameled cast iron since it holds the heat well). I cover with sauce and an additional 1/2 jar full of water.I use the jar the sauce came in to get the dredges of the sauce and fill 1/2 full with water. This helps to steam the rutabaga. I turn on the stove to a simmer and let sit an hour or until the rutabaga are very soft. That is the way I enjoy them but you can eat them more crunchy ( or even raw). When ready I pour sauce and rutabaga over my rice and enjoy.







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