Slow cooked Beef in Pressure Cooker

Slow Cooked Beef Roast and Kimchi Radish 

Over Soaked Brown Rice

I had a large organic range beef roast that I had defrosted in my refrigerator. I needed to use it but forgot to put it into the slow cooker in the morning. So, when I got home from work I used my second favorite device, the PRESSURE COOKER.  I love this bad boy! It cooks so many things in no time at all. I don’t find the meat to be lacking in any way. I have even cooked entire chickens in this cooker. I use it regularly for cooking my soaked beans.

I have a fairly large roast that will be good for three meals for my husband and I. I do not want too distinct of flavors here so that we an put it with pasta, rice, burritos, or what ever we come up with.

You will need:

*beef roast ( I highly advise you know who raised your beef or buy local/organic/grassfed)

*enough water to come half way up the roast

*2 bay leaves

*salt & pepper

*2 tablespoons of oil

*optional: cup of red wine

I put my pressure cooker pot on the stove and turned it up to high. I added the two tablespoon of oil (avocado oil, high heat) and seared the top and bottom of the roast. I then generously put salt & pepper on the top of the roast. Next, I poured water into the pressure cooker pot until it came half way up the roast. I added a cup of red wine and two bay leaves. I brought it to a boil, put the lid on, and locked it. I then lower the heat to low. I let this roast cook for an hour and 45 minutes.

After it was done I turned off the stove. Let the release valve do its job releasing the steam that had been building up while the meat cooked. When ready I took off the lid! Yes, looks like a giant brick but gently drag a fork across the top and watch it flake into lovely pulled beef. I stored the beef with the juices for maximum flavor and juiciness.

I matched this beef & juice with kimchi radish and soaked brown rice. YUM! The kimchi and rice were already in the fridge. So, for 10 minutes of work, and an hour forty-five minute wait,EASY!


Add the wine, really.


Yes, looks like a brick but I promise it pulls away into lovely pulled beef.


Store with juices.



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