Kale, Cheese, Turkey Scramble

Kale, Cheese, Turkey Scramble 

Topped with Pickled Onions

Sunday morning I love to cook  breakfast. This is a healthy scramble that leaves you full but not feeling guilty.

Feeds two hungry adults.

You will need:

*turkey sausage or bacon

*5 eggs

*2 cups kale (trimmed of stem and cut into bite size pieces)

*1/4 to 1/2 cubed cheddar cheese

*1/2 cup pickled onions



I like to prep my ingredients first since eggs cook quickly. In a non-stick pan ( this is eco-friendly and ceramic) I put in the diced turkey sausage and kale on medium high heat. No oil needed. I let the kale wilt and the sausage is already cooked so it is warming through. It may brown a little and that is always a good thing.



When the kale is wilted to your liking you can toss in the cheese and pour over the whisked eggs.  Turn down the heat to low. I drag the eggs from the outside in towards the middle and slowly let the uncooked egg run into the pan that has become exposed. I do not move the egg around too much or I find they become rubbery. Also, when they look almost done take them off! They will continue to cook in the pan and due to residual heat. If they look done then they are overcooked, unless you like browned eggs. Some people do I am sure.

I add pepper at the very end. I read recently that when pepper is exposed to direct heat for an extended period of time if can get bitter.


Since I prepped the ingredients prior to cooking the pickled onions had a chance to get to room temperature. When I top the eggs with the onions they will not be out of the fridge cold, that is a very good thing!


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