What is kohlrabi?  

This crazy purple root with greens sprouting off the top. 

I have used kohlrabi in kimchi recipes but not in my everyday cooking. So, tonight I decided to try it raw. I cut off the greens, used a carrot peeler to take off the purple skin, and grated it into a salad. YUM! It is slightly spicy like a radish and crunchy. It adds spunk to our salad tonight.

Next, I will try to steam then or roast them!

Try new things! They are inexpensive and easily accessible in farmers markets ( well here in CA). They offer variety, nutrients, and excitement to your everyday menu.


In this salad is power greens mix from Whole Foods ( baby kale, spinach, bok choy, and salad greens), pickled onions (staple of ours), feta, grated kohlrabi, and roasted beets. Healthy and yummy! I am serving this with roasted brussels sprouts and BBQ’d chicken.


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