Navy Beans or Haricot Beans

These beans are a power house! They are a staple for those following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet ( which I found very helpful when I was healing my gut from Crohn’s disease). They are excellent for diabetics, those looking for low fat fiber, and helps boost iron stores ( 24% of daily recommended iron with virtually no fat.)

I have been buying these beans dried for years, since 2006, to be exact. They have more than doubled in price. The secret is out and many “healthy diets” include them.

In just one cup of cooked navy beans you get the following % of your daily recommended amounts:

1 cup cooked/182.00 grams

255 calories

Glycemic Index :  Considered LOW, The high fiber helps to prevent sugar spikes after meals.

76% fiber  Cholesterol lowering fiber.

64% folate

48% manganese


37% phosphorus

36% B1

24% protein



Powder made from navy beans (dried ground beans)b can be substituted for flour in baking. The beans can be used as a thickener in recipes. I love them in soups and casseroles!

I used them in the following recipe instead of chips. I topped them with turkey meat, cheese, onions, tomatoes, and green salsa.

Link here for cooking dried navy beans.


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