Easy Cooked Carrots

Growing up my mother was not a fan of cooked carrots. I had them occasionally at my friends house when I spent the night. They were amazing! I loved them! I wished my mom made them. Note, I loved my moms cooking but she cooked what she liked and carrots she did not care for.

We all have carrots around I feel like. I prefer to buy baby carrots with the greens attached or bulk large carrots at farmers market. The green ensures they are still fresh. Larger carrots are often cold stored and used later. 

You will need:

*6-7 large carrots peeled and cut at an angle ( more surface area & bite size)

*1 tablespoon butter

*2 tablespoons honey

*1/2 cup water

*salt & pepper

Place butter and water in a pan, let melt. Put carrots in when the butter is melted and simmer with a lid on. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cook until almost all of the water is gone. Pour the honey over all the carrots. Put the lid back on and set the heat to very low. When all the water/butter is gone turn the stove off and leave the cover on. Let it sit for 5 minutes. It will take 10-12 minute total.

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